Wings As Eagles: April 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm ready to move in!

I'm soooooooo excited!!! Luke and I NOW have a house in Colorado Springs!!!!!! That was one of the super huge, major things to get accomplished before May and it's done! Found, signed, completed and finally ours!

And.....I love it (Luke does too!!)!!!! Luke was looking for something large enough that I would have space to continue my business and hold my office, sewing room and inventory! And he found it! It even has an unfinished basement that will hold all my shelves with supplies and inventory! It's perfectly fantastically wonderful!!!!! God provided just the home for us in His perfect timing!!!

And......I can't wait to move in!!! Last week Dad and I drove out to Colorado Springs with a carload of stuff. As Dad put it, "It didn't even make a dent in my stash." Hmmmm...I think it did! I have a couple empty shelves! :) Anyway, once I packed a few things, I was ready to pack up the rest of my stuff and move in!!! And in less than two months, I can do just that!!! I can't wait!!!!

Take a quick tour with me.....:)

Walk in the front door to the living room with a vaulted ceiling--love that!!! Luke and I looked at houses similar to that layout and loved it, although I wasn't sure if we'd get a house with that! :)

Now walk from the living room to the beautiful, large kitchen & dinning room...can't wait to start filling those cabinets!!!!

And that leads to the family room right across from the kitchen

From the family room, walk through the hallway and you'll find the one bedroom on the first floor

Now, let's go upstairs....:) This part I really, really love!! :) I've never ever had an "upstairs" as in second story upstairs and my sisters and I always thought that would be so fun! My Grandma insists that I'll get tired going up and down all the time and while that may be the case, I'm going to totally enjoy it once I move in!!! :)

This wall I'm so excited about! I know, I know--it's just a wall! BUT, it's the stairway wall that I plan to hang a collage of photos--and yes, I already have some of those planned photos boxed and ready to move to Colorado!! :)

Once you reach the small hallway upstairs, walk into the master bedroom (which is large enough to fit in Luke's cal. king size bed....just barely!) with adjoining bathroom.

And this is the ULTRA wonderful part I love---a HUGE walk-in closet!!!! :) :) And, not only is there one....

But, two walk-in closets!! Whoever lived here before or built this house must have had a ton of clothes!!! I have plenty, but ummmm, I know both Luke and I don't have two huge closets worth! :)

Walk out into the hallway to a bathroom on the left, stairs on the right and two bedrooms ahead!

And then into one bedroom---all the bedrooms have huge closets!! Which in my mind, you can never have too much closet space! :)

And then the second bedroom---just about every room has a ceiling fan! I'll put that long handle feather duster to good use! Most Colorado homes don't have air conditioning (including this one), so there's an abundant supply of ceiling fans. Apparently it doesn't usually get warm enough to warrant air conditioning. That will be something new to me; you could never live in SW Kansas in the summer without air conditioning!

Now, walk down one more hallway to the loft that is another room I love!!!

That even has a window that looks out at Pikes Peak! Granted, there is a tree in the neighbor's yard that partly blocks it,'s still there!!! :)

Look over the loft short wall to the living room and front door below!!! I soooo love this photo!!! :) Well, actually being there in person is better, but since I can't be there yet, I'll just look at the photos!! :)

And I'm ready to drop everything, start packing and loading in Kansas and unloading in Colorado! Only two more months!!!! :) Soon!!! :)