Wings As Eagles: July 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just a few "taters"

I received this forward and thought it was rather cute! The peppy music just adds to it!!

The different kinds of taters...

Enjoy!! :)

Sometime I truly wonder

At times my mind becomes so preoccupied with things I seem to forget daily habits. Dad eats breakfast earlier than us girls do so he can get outside and get started working on the farm. It has been Mom's habit in past years to set out Dad's breakfast the night before and then it would be ready the next morning.

We have continued doing the same thing that Mom has done for years. Everyday Dad has something different for breakfast. So Friday night I was supposed to get out a sausage patty and english muffin out of the freezer for Saturday breakfast.

I woke up Saturday morning and my first thought was, "I forgot to get out Dad's breakfast!" Dad knows what's for breakfast every morning just by looking at the menu I type up each week, but I knew he wouldn't be able to find the sausage or the english muffin buried in the freezer. I kinda panicked and wondered what he had eaten.

Then the thought crossed my mind that he probably just ate cereal or granola (normally that is Tuesday morning) since he knows where that is. I laid my head back down and then suddenly thought, "But there isn't any milk in the refrigerator!" None of us except Dad like milk, so we don't use it very much except in casseroles and the little bit Dad uses for breakfast. And it just happened that I had used the last little bit the day before.

I knew he wouldn't have made oatmeal or waffles (Wednesday's and Friday's breakfast) because of the lack of milk. He couldn't have eaten doughnuts (Thursday morning's breakfast) because I keep those in the freezer downstairs and he wouldn't have known where to find them.

So, I kept thinking, "What did he eat for breakfast?" I knew there were a couple bananas, so he much have eaten yogurt and a banana (Monday's breakfast).

But when I went upstairs in the kitchen and looked in the fridge, I remembered that we had finished the last container of yogurt several days ago and I had forgotten to put it on the grocery list for Jena the previous Wednesday when she went shopping.

So, what did he eat? I found the cover off the toaster, so I suspected he found some bread in the freezer and had toast. When I asked him later if he had finally found something for breakfast, he just smiled and said yes. He didn't seem to mind, but in my mind I could just see him searching around for something to eat!

It just so happens that the day I forgot to set breakfast out was the same time we were out of milk, yogurt and the one breakfast that Dad wouldn't know where to find in the freezer! Sometime I truly wonder where my mind has wondered off to... :)

Time for a nap, I guess

It looks like Skittles wore herself out playing with the fabric scraps on the floor and decided to take a nap! I hadn't heard her running around for a while, looked down and this is what I saw! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The two weeks of camp...

At the end of each week of camp, I put together photos from the week of all the different campers and staff for a slideshow on Friday at our last meeting. So here they are...

Plus, I have my online photo album updated, so you can see more photos here. Jena, Krissa and I took so many pictures during the week, that it took forever to sort through them and eliminate the blurry ones and duplicates! :)

Here is week 1:

Here is week 2:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Through Greensburg, Kansas

On Tuesday we went to Wichita and drove through Greensburg. It's really unbelievable the damage there unless you see it. It doesn't even look like the town it once was. All the tops of the trees are torn off, piles of wood and debris on every block and half torn apart buildings.

I'm sure it looks much better now than it has in the last two months, but it is still a site to see. There is progress being made, temporary buildings are up and workers are everywhere still cleaning. Here are a few pictures I took as we were driving through the town.

Here is also an aerial view of the really shows the devastation.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The second week of camp...

My sisters and I had another fun filled week at camp! We had half as many campers as the first week with less than 50 kids. That made it a little less hectic with a little more free time since it took less time for meals and many other events.

Here are a few photos and I will be updating my online photo album soon!

Krissa all wet after being pushed in the pool

Serena & Luke

Krissa, Jena, Serena
I guess we do look like sisters! :)

My Bible class

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another camp update...

The previous week of camp was a great week! We had an almost full camp with around 90 kids. There were about 12 kids who trusted Christ as their Savior last week which was really exciting.

We had a great time getting back in touch with friends we only see once a year! And of course my sisters and I always have a great time together. Last week Krissa and I were Bible teachers and Jena was the camp nurse. We all kept busy with various activities during the week.

This week Krissa and I are Bible teachers and Jena is a counselor for the 3rd-4th grade girls, so it will be another exciting week. We only have about 50 kids this week, so it should be a little less hectic. But I'm looking forward to another great week!

I'm uploading a few pictures, from the past few days, but will update more and my photo album when I return home. My Internet connection here is a little slow for photo and video uploads! :)

Shannon and Krissa

Shannon and I

Jena and one of her campers

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Hectic Weekend!

When we returned home Friday evening, we started unloading the van and one of the first things Dad said was, "Serena, we have computer problems." As it turns out we had a really bad thunderstorm Wednesday night and Dad heard something pop in the house around 1 am. He got up and unplugged everything, but apparently it was too late.

The next morning he was able to turn on the computer, but couldn't get online. So he called the telephone company, they sent someone out and it just so happens that lightning not only took out the DSL modem, but also the router and network card in the computer.

So I was on the phone for a while trying to figure out what exactly was the problem. Finally we were able to get it figured out and should be getting a new network card this week. We were able to get laundry done, meals for Dad ready for this week and packed again for the second week of camp. What a busy weekend!!

Also, I had a ton of boxes to unpack over the weekend. I think Dad was about ready to tell the UPS and FedEx guys not to come back to our house for a while!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camp update...

Things are going really well here at camp in Hutchinson! The days have been hot and muggy, but it did rain yesterday and cool things off a little.

My sisters and I have been having a wonderful time talking with friends we only see once a year, laughing so hard we can hardly stand still and enjoying the fellowship with other believers! We have almost a full camp with 84 kids and over 20 staff members.

Jena's nursing duties have gone really well! She is keeping busy with medications, cuts and scraps, but still manages to have a little free time! Krissa and I have been busy with Bible lessons in the morning and various activities throughout the day. There is always something to do that needs to be done!

One of the most hilarious things that happened to day was Krissa crashing the mini bike she was riding. I just happened to be walking by and saw her ride one way and fall off! It looked absolutely hilarious. I think Shannon was able to get pictures of her, so I'll post one if I can. Stay tuned...I'm sure there will be many more eventful's only Tuesday afternoon! :)

Better go...canteen and memory verse duties are calling my name...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Packed and ready to go, I think...

I finished the menu for Dad and have the stuff for what he needs this week packed in the refrigerator and freezer. That's accomplished and done! He just looked at me when I told him where everything was and that it was all labeled for each day and meal! ;)

And I think and hope I have everything I need for this week of camp. I feel like I've been on the run for the last several days in super fast mode, but I think I've got it all. This is my shipping supplies, memory verse store prizes & info, teaching supplies and some of my clothes. I've still got a pile of hanging clothes and a computer to pile on also. Plus Jena and Krissa with all of their things.

Dad said it's a good thing we are taking the van or everything would have never, ever fit inside! We will be packed together, but it is only a couple of hours and then we get to unload everything!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My colored coded method of lessons

Krissa laughs at my color coded method for organizing my Bible lesson material for each day, but I have been doing it for a long time and it works great every year. Plus it makes it colorful and cheerful! ;)

Everyday is a different color and my lessons, Bible verse tabs, memory verse cards, games and notes all have the same corresponding color. I can tell at a glance what lesson each item corresponds to and the memory verse for each day.

Monday - pink
Tuesday - blue
Wednesday - green
Thursday - orange/red
Friday - yellow

This is Wednesday's lesson outline & notes, memory verse, review questions and wordsearch lesson review game. I guess technically it isn't all green since I printed the review questions on white paper instead of green, but I will use a green highlighter to highlight the topics.

My Bible is coated with color coded tabs with references. They are in the order I have them linked into the lesson and of course each color is for the day I will be using them.

Nehemiah lesson book with flashcards...

Here are my notes that I typed up. I taped it to the back of the previous flashcard so I can refer to it as the kids see the picture on the front. I probably should have printed it on green paper too, but they are taped in the lesson so they are not going anywhere.

The flashcard picture the kids will see as I talk about the lesson.

What would I do without colored paper, cardstock, sticky notes and highlighters, I just don't know!! Dad doesn't know it yet, but the menu I am making for him with his list of meals next week is also color coded. I can just imagine the look he gives me when I tell him where everything is in the refrigerator and freezer! :)

And that is what exactly I am signing off to do...finish Dad's menu and list of chores for next week to do while all of us girls are gone!

The Challenge: To build a brick wall!

Since my lessons for camp will be on Nehemiah and his return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall and clean up the city, I decided that needed a brick wall to hold the candy I will give out in class. I always try to come up with something that correlates to the lesson. Last year it was Daniel, so I took the batting out of a stuffed lion and instead stuffed it with candy with a Velcro opening down his back to get your hand in and out!

I just wrapped a box with the brick wall paper I found on eBay and even was able to create a lid to open and close it. Hopefully the kids will enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

To write or to type??

The last couple of days I have been spending some of my time in preparation for my camp lessons on Nehemiah that I will be teaching in the next two weeks. In past years, including last year, I have always hand written a few notes for each lesson and attached these to the back of the picture flashcard I am showing the kids for my "cheat sheet" information. It helps me remember points or Scripture that I want to be sure and bring out during the lesson that I might otherwise forget if I just rely on my memory.

I started writing a few words on paper and thought this is going to take forever (technically, not really, but it sure seems like it!). Better way - slide over to my computer, type up my notes as I am scanning the lesson material, print the sheets, trim them down to size and tape them to the back of my flashcards! Perfect and sooooo much faster! Why didn't I think of that several years ago? Maybe spending so much time on the computer is affecting everything I do?? I'll have to think about back to typing my embroidery newsletter for the week!

The Purple Flowers

Mom loved working in her flower gardens around our house! Jena and Dad have done a wonderful job of keeping up her flower beds, watering and making them look nice.

Mom had tried for quite a while to get these purple flowers to vine up the black railing in front of our front porch. A couple weeks ago as we came home from church, the flowers looked so big and beautiful and they actually were growing on the railing and wooden trellis Dad put up. Mom would have enjoyed it so much!

Lady is so glad to be free!

Lady is so thrilled to be free from her temporary prison - the porch! She has been confined to that small area for 6 weeks and was more than ready to be outside without being on a leash.

At least Jena and Krissa can leave to go running in the morning or evening and we don't have to listen to her whine and howl on the porch because she can't go with them. She's been following Dad around outside and going with him in the morning to check cattle.

Her leg seems to be healing very well. She walks on it, but when running, she still tends to hold it up and just run on her other 3 legs. Hopefully in time she will use her healing leg more and more.

Lady enjoying the warm sun!


Monday, July 2, 2007

And where is she right now...?

As usual, as I have been sitting here typing, Skittles has been sitting in my lap, playing with my arms and hands as they are flying over the keyboard. I noticed my arms were no longer being attacked and looked down to find her sitting contentedly beside me. One wrong move and off the chair she goes; it looks like she's just barely on the edge of the chair! ;)

A day full of packages!

Isn't it fun to have packages delivered and see what's inside?! I think so and today was filled with packages and boxes delivered to our house. Just about every freight company was here to deliver something! Usually it is fabric or notions that I need to post online which is always a treat to sort through, but today was a little different! :)

This has been the day to receive packages, I guess. First this morning, FedEx delivered two manila envelopes. Each one had a printer cartridge inside; why they were shipped in two different packages, I have no idea. I ordered them both from CostCentral at the same time. Much cheaper than buying them locally, even if I have to pay shipping - which I didn't this time since I had a coupon code for free shipping!

I drove to the post office to mail out some packages and pick up my mail. Billie at the post office handed me a heavy square box; I looked at the return address and knew what it was. But then she pulled out a long triangular box with a return address of WPR; I had no clue what was inside!

Inside the square box were four Left Behind series books that I found on eBay for a good price. These are the 3 prequels to the 12 book series and the newest book to the series, Kingdom Come which follows book 12, The Glorious Appearing. Kingdom Come is brand new and I didn't even know the writers were planning another book until I stumbled across it a few weeks ago online. I'm anxious to read it and the prequels which have been out for a while, but haven't had a chance to read. You can read an excerpt from Kingdom Come; makes me want to pick up the book and start reading! I better not even think about starting it or I will be up until who knows when, unable to put it down. I think I read Glorious Appearing in just one night! :)

As for the long box, I was totally mystified. I tried to recall what I had ordered that would be sent in a box like that?! I opened it up and a roll of wallpaper slid out. Oh, yeah, of course! It was the brick replica wallpaper I ordered from eBay to use for camp! I was waiting and hoping that would get here so I could get my "brick wall" made to use in my lessons at camp. The bricks are a little bigger than I was expecting, but I can make it work.

Let's see...we have FedEx and USPS covered, so what's left? Oh yes, UPS! Can't forget about the brown shipping truck! Well, when Krissa answered the door, the UPS guy handed her two boxes. One was filled with glow-in-the-dark sticks which I'm planning to use for the two weeks of camp. The other had my Canon video camera equipment in it. I'm planning to do some taping and uploading of embroidery techniques online in the next few months. So after months of searching, reading consumer reports and comparing online prices, I was able to find what I wanted at a decent price. Even though I plan to use it for business purposes, I am POSITIVE some certain people (not to mention any names, but their names start with J & K) will be using it as well!

Only two more packages to go! One came in the mailbox for Jena, so at least not everything we got today was for me! There also was a Wal-Mart sample box of cat food in mailbox. Every week I get on Wal-Mart's free sample page and see if there's anything in which I am interested. I've received free samples of cat food, dog food, greeting cards, granola snacks, Crest toothpaste and lots of other things! Every few days to weeks they change the samples that are available; never know what you can find!

I think that covers my packages for today! I guess the only one who wasn't here delivering something was DHL, but they were here last week... The FedEx and UPS guys probably hate to see "Embroidery Treasures" or "Serena Smith" on their shipping labels; they know exactly where they are going! Now if there was only a way to have the bill delivered to another address... ;)

Oh, and I didn't spend the whole day opening up boxes! I had much more on my to-do list that I was able to get accomplished!

Waiting for another scrap to fall..

I have been working with some purple pansy fabric for the new quilt I'm planning to start teaching this Fall. I was fussy cutting the pansies out of the fabric and throwing my scraps onto the floor. Skittle was on the floor, looking up at me, just waiting for another piece of scrap fabric to fall! She will play with anything - you can see the ribbon wrapped around her and the fuzzy pink ball!