Wings As Eagles: A day full of packages!

Monday, July 2, 2007

A day full of packages!

Isn't it fun to have packages delivered and see what's inside?! I think so and today was filled with packages and boxes delivered to our house. Just about every freight company was here to deliver something! Usually it is fabric or notions that I need to post online which is always a treat to sort through, but today was a little different! :)

This has been the day to receive packages, I guess. First this morning, FedEx delivered two manila envelopes. Each one had a printer cartridge inside; why they were shipped in two different packages, I have no idea. I ordered them both from CostCentral at the same time. Much cheaper than buying them locally, even if I have to pay shipping - which I didn't this time since I had a coupon code for free shipping!

I drove to the post office to mail out some packages and pick up my mail. Billie at the post office handed me a heavy square box; I looked at the return address and knew what it was. But then she pulled out a long triangular box with a return address of WPR; I had no clue what was inside!

Inside the square box were four Left Behind series books that I found on eBay for a good price. These are the 3 prequels to the 12 book series and the newest book to the series, Kingdom Come which follows book 12, The Glorious Appearing. Kingdom Come is brand new and I didn't even know the writers were planning another book until I stumbled across it a few weeks ago online. I'm anxious to read it and the prequels which have been out for a while, but haven't had a chance to read. You can read an excerpt from Kingdom Come; makes me want to pick up the book and start reading! I better not even think about starting it or I will be up until who knows when, unable to put it down. I think I read Glorious Appearing in just one night! :)

As for the long box, I was totally mystified. I tried to recall what I had ordered that would be sent in a box like that?! I opened it up and a roll of wallpaper slid out. Oh, yeah, of course! It was the brick replica wallpaper I ordered from eBay to use for camp! I was waiting and hoping that would get here so I could get my "brick wall" made to use in my lessons at camp. The bricks are a little bigger than I was expecting, but I can make it work.

Let's see...we have FedEx and USPS covered, so what's left? Oh yes, UPS! Can't forget about the brown shipping truck! Well, when Krissa answered the door, the UPS guy handed her two boxes. One was filled with glow-in-the-dark sticks which I'm planning to use for the two weeks of camp. The other had my Canon video camera equipment in it. I'm planning to do some taping and uploading of embroidery techniques online in the next few months. So after months of searching, reading consumer reports and comparing online prices, I was able to find what I wanted at a decent price. Even though I plan to use it for business purposes, I am POSITIVE some certain people (not to mention any names, but their names start with J & K) will be using it as well!

Only two more packages to go! One came in the mailbox for Jena, so at least not everything we got today was for me! There also was a Wal-Mart sample box of cat food in mailbox. Every week I get on Wal-Mart's free sample page and see if there's anything in which I am interested. I've received free samples of cat food, dog food, greeting cards, granola snacks, Crest toothpaste and lots of other things! Every few days to weeks they change the samples that are available; never know what you can find!

I think that covers my packages for today! I guess the only one who wasn't here delivering something was DHL, but they were here last week... The FedEx and UPS guys probably hate to see "Embroidery Treasures" or "Serena Smith" on their shipping labels; they know exactly where they are going! Now if there was only a way to have the bill delivered to another address... ;)

Oh, and I didn't spend the whole day opening up boxes! I had much more on my to-do list that I was able to get accomplished!

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  1. Wow, what fun!! I love to get packages in the mail! :)



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