Wings As Eagles: March 2007

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The storm last night...

Last night was a night for rain, hail, wind and more rain! Around 6:00 pm the wind started really blowing and the sky was getting pretty dark. In another hour it started to rain and hail. It rained and hailed off and on all evening and through the night!

The really scary part was that there was a tornado spotted near Ensign. I had gone outside on the front porch to try to take pictures of the hail on the ground. When I looked just a little north of our house, I could see clouds that looked like a tornado.

I went back inside to get Dad, who was watching the weather on tv. He could definitely see that it was a tornado. It seemed to be on the ground only a few minutes. As we stood on the porch and watched, the funnel cloud dissipated and the winds and hail calmed down some.

It was so dark, I couldn't get any pictures. The only way I could see the clouds and tornado is with the light from the lightening flashes. That was the only tornado in our area last night and I am so glad. Seeing a tornado in our front yard is NOT something I would like to see again!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I started beading a watch a couple weeks ago and it is now finished! I worked on it just a few times a weeks in the evening as I had time. It wasn't hard and since I love handwork, I enjoyed stringing the beads. I have an ivory sweater that will look perfect with this watch!

Although I wish I would have made it just a little bit bigger around. The kit gave the measurement which was too big for my wrist, so I eliminated some of the beads to make it a little smaller. I should have left 3-4 beads, so it wouldn't be quite so tight on my wrist. Oh, well, it is one of my half finished projects that is completed and I can move to the next one...I'm not quite sure which UFO it will be yet! :)


Welcome to my home online! I am not new to blogging since I started my embroidery blog last year, but thought it might be fun to create another blog without all the sewing, embroidery and quilting details that some of you may not be interested in. Hopefully this blog will give you a glimpse inside my life, my family and my hobbies. But may it first and foremost bring glory and honor to my Lord and Savior.

I live in western Kansas with my family and own my online business, Embroidery Treasures, which I started in January 2006. Not only is machine embroidery and quilting my daily work schedule, but it is also one of my favorite hobbies among computers, the Internet, reading, baking and cooking.My ultimate desire is the serve the Lord Jesus Christ and be willing to follow His will for my life. I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 5 and strive to follow Him every single day.

One of my favorite Bible verses is Isaiah 40:31, But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. I know in and of myself, I can do nothing. But with the Lord enabling me, I can do all things for His glory!