Wings As Eagles: Family Game Night Fun

Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Game Night Fun

Usually every New Year's Eve we stay up for a while and play pitch. We gather some snacks such as nacho chips, veggies & dip, popcorn (gotta have that!) and peanuts with punch and/or Diet Mt. Dew (of course!) and settle in for an evening of laughter.

This New Year's Eve, Krissa was in Florida, well actually Philadelphia, well in reality New York City Times Square (silly girl, I know - long story!) and so we played pitch when we went to AL for Thanksgiving. Krissa's been asking me to edit the movies we took and here's a recap of our evening. There are times that we're laughing so hard you can't understand what we're saying. And for most of you, it probably won't make much sense, but to us, there are good memories!

Enjoy! It's in three parts since it's too long to upload as one.

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