Wings As Eagles: Thanksgiving in Alabama

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Alabama

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early, ready for the 16 hour drive to Birmingham, Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with Krissa. Things were taken of here at home, the van was packed and we were on the road!

Thursday we spent the day looking around Krissa's apartment which is just too cute! She is in a really nice area of Birmingham and the apartment complex she is in is just gorgeous! Plus she even has a beautiful backyard along the lakefront. The leaves and fall colors are just beautiful.

Friday we had our Thanksgiving meal with Clare, her brother and her Dad. Clare is so sweet and it was neat to be able to meet her family. Krissa also took us to Southern Progress where she works and that place is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We weren't able to go inside, but just looking at the outside grounds with waterfalls and winding trails all around is just unbelievable.

Saturday was our shopping day! We spent the day shopping and then returned back to the apartment for some more of playing games and watching Christmas shows. A perfect end to a wonderful day!

Sunday we were back on the road headed west. Traffic was extremely busy on the Interstate and Highways, but we were ever so glad to be home! And Lady and Skittles were never so glad to see us as well! :)

Here's a few pictures and you can see more here in my photo album.

our family

Krissa's back balcany overlooking the lake

Ok, I know I'm not very often without my computer, but...

Jena is totally addicted to texting...her phone rang about all day!

Dad, being the wonderful Dad that he is, had to check all the
electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, etc in the apartment.
He's changing the furnace filter as you can see it was
in desperate need of a new one!

Krissa in the kitchen...she had all the candles lit when we came in!


  1. Krissa did a beautiful job of decorating her apartment. It looks like she is in a very nice, safe area. I truly enjoyed all the pictures of you and your family having a wonderful Thanksgiving together! I saw lots of happy smiles everywhere! Will you all be able to spend Christmas together as well?

  2. She is in a wonderful area of town for sure! We're thankful for that! She will be home for Christmas....only about 3 weeks away! Time flies! :)

  3. I'm glad you all were able to go be with Krissa for Thanksgiving! (But what a drive. Blah. We only had about a 7 hour drive and that was bad enough!) Her apartment looks so pretty!! Oh, and I love the family picture. Very cute!



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