Wings As Eagles: Holiday recap: Laughing videos

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Holiday recap: Laughing videos

The last two years we have video taped our card games and it so hilarious to watch and brings back so many memories and fun times! This year we had many episodes of laughter, silly conversation and missing cards.

During our game, the phone rang. No big deal excepts when you have been laughing for the past hour, you can't help but laugh on the phone. Thank goodness it was just Grandma on the other end and she knows us well enough that she knew were crazy and laughing.

In this video we were all laughing so hard that Dad was the only one still sitting at the table. The next day Grandma asked what in the world was going on when she called last night. We just had to tell her we were laughing so hard we could hardly talk!

Here's the phone conversation:

And here are some snippets of our family fun evening:

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