Wings As Eagles: A new year means time to clean!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A new year means time to clean!

The beginning of a new year must mean time to clean in my mind. This past weekend I did a top to bottom cleaning of my room - it desperately needed it. Plus I also moved the furniture around, which I happen to like the new layout better than the old.

I haven't moved the furniture in my room around for several years. When my sisters and I first moved downstairs to our own rooms, we started out moving our furniture around every couple of months. Dad quickly called a stop to that and the new rule was we could only move it around every 6 months. That 6 month mark is long gone....:)

my wonderful, clean room

The only place I didn't completely clean was my shelves with all my collectibles. I did straighten up a few things, rearrange all my books and clean a little, but I really need to take everything off the shelves, dust the woodwork and clean all my little trinkets.

But that is a huge job. I have so many little, bitty things that it seems to take forever getting everything off the shelves and then everything put back on. But that is on my list of things to do...hopefully later this month that will happen!

Then my cleaning moved to my sewing room/office. I had bunches of paperwork, invoices and accounts to file for December that I let slide before Christmas. So all that needed to be put away, plus I started getting all my paperwork together for filing my taxes in the next month or so.

on the last pile of paperwork to file away

I'll probably spend the rest of this week working/cleaning/straightening in my sewing room. I have a little rearranging I want to do, my shelves of fabric need to be resorted, some new inventory arrived that needs to be uploaded online and I have some new business plans for this year that need to be planned and implemented.

For now, I'm off to bed and then tomorrow starts another day of sorting...:)

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