Wings As Eagles: Wheat Harvest: The "Hired" Truck Drivers

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wheat Harvest: The "Hired" Truck Drivers

Dad started cutting wheat last week and "hired" two new truck drivers - Jena & Krissa. They have never driven a truck before, but did a good job after the first trip.

Dad drove with them the first time to the elevator at Ensign and then the next trip they were on their own. They had quite an adventure and were laughing so hard, it's a wonder they made it back in one piece in an undamaged truck.

They made it to the elevator while video taping their driving. Jena had to back up and the truck died. The guys at the elevator come outside and ask if they need any help; they were laughing so hard that they could hardly answer. Among all their giggles, she managed to get the truck started and headed home.

When Jen & Kris came back into the house, they were laughing so hard and said I just HAD to see what they had taped! They were so right; the video clips are just hilarious. I laugh everytime I see them again!

They had fun and the great part of it is that Dad can continue to cut wheat and not have to stop and take the truck into Ensign. That saves hours of time! He was a little skeptical when he heard about their adventures for their first trip, but he hasn't fired them yet!

Dad's hoping to finish cutting today or tomorrow. Jena has been driving the truck yesterday and today and had done very well so far!

Here is the clip that I think is the most hilarious - Krissa trying to get into gear!

Just acting like silly sisters! They didn't know I was taping as they were throwing wheat! :)

You can see more video clips and photos on my online photo album here.

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