Wings As Eagles: The date for camp is getting closer...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The date for camp is getting closer...

I can hardly believe it! Why do the days fly by so fast? I looked at the calender a couple days ago, planning what I needed to do in the next few weeks before camp and realized that I only have 3 weeks! Actually now, it is less than 3...

Yesterday I went to Dodge to get my hair done (that wasn't on my list to do before camp, but my hair was in desperate need of trimming and highlighting!) and was able to pick up most of the things I need for memory verse prizes and my Bible lesson. I still need to do some online and eBay ordering for a few other supplies, but I think I have most of what I need.

Since the lessons are on Nehemiah and his return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall, I need to create a replica of a brick wall to hold candy and for some other illustrations. I can't decide whether to cover a thin box with construction paper blocks that I cut to look like bricks or use wall paper that looks like bricks. I'll have to see what works...

I've been studying Nehemiah, but haven't started writing out my lessons yet. I plan to start that next week. And then plan my memory verse games and game questions for each lesson. But that shouldn't take too long and I enjoy doing that! ;)

Plus I need to show Dad how to ship my packages and print shipping labels online since I will be gone for a couple weeks. I don't plan on needing him to do any of it, but in case I am desperate and something needs to be shipped, I want him to be able to send something. Scary, I know, Dad shipping orders!! :) I would have to walk him through what to do over the phone, but I'm sure he could do it. I plan on being able to check things online and stay in touch via email and then ship everything when I come home on Saturday.

Then there is getting meals for Dad for the two weeks. At least Krissa will be home the first week, so she can help with that some, but she will be working most of the time. So Dad will still be by himself. I've already started planning and putting things in the freezer, so it's just a matter of writing up the details. Plus making notes for Dad about what to do with the cats and other things while were are gone.

And there are always a few clothes to alter before I leave, usually not only my own. I only have a couple of shirts to take up, but I'm sure I will have a few more from the girls that I need to do something with.

What's else on my list? Too many things to mention and I would probably be better off starting to do them rather than just sitting here typing! Time to get to work this morning...

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  1. Sounds like you are going to be very busy this summer. I loved the idea with the brick wall! I love coming up with neat things to go with the subject I am teaching on.

    That's neat that you like Lori Wick too. lol...When I read one of her books I can hardly put it down! lol...not a good thing when you have a hundred things to do!


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