Wings As Eagles: My precious little furry babies!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My precious little furry babies!

Skittles' little kittens are growing like crazy! The little babies are running around all over my room and have little rolly-polly tummies! All I have to do is walk into my room and start talking and the little babies come running out from under the bed. They love attention. :)

They are so fun to play with and I've had more time this week to enjoy them. They are growing up so fast, so I know I have to play with them now before I have to give them away. I've started bringing them upstairs and they just run around and play much to the dismay of their ever-protective mother who is constantly screaming at them. :)

Skittles has gotten quite upset with Jena when she takes her kittens out of my room. She's attacked her a couple of times and yes, Jena has scars. Minor, but still little teeth marks. Sunday afternoon I taped the video below and Skittles started attacking Jena on the floor. It was hilarious! Not for Jena, but certainly for me! :) Too bad I wasn't taping at that time! That could have won an award! lol!!

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  1. Oh Serena, the kittens are absolutely adorable!! I just love to see them hurry over to you when you call to them. Skittles looks like a very protective little mother, which is good! Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. I am SO glad to hear that you have had a bit of a break this week. I'm sure you have still been busy, but hopefull you have had a little time to rest and breathe a bit! I hope your classes are going well. I don't have as much time to read as I would like, so when I am at home I almost always have some audiobook from playing in the background. I love it, because I can do housework, sew, crochet, iron clothes, etc. etc. and listen to great devotional classics in the background! Happy Valentine's Day!!


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