Wings As Eagles: A busy 3 weeks!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A busy 3 weeks!

Yes, it's been a whole entire 3 weeks since I have posted anything. It has been so busy around here that I've just put blogging on hold for a while. Even though my blogging has been on a hiatus, that doesn't mean that it's been dull, boring and uneventful around here. Oh yes, it's been anything but that! Let me give you an update!

Krissa did arrive home as planned the middle of January. She's been lounging around at home, searching for jobs from California to New York. While in Florida, she searched out some jobs, but did not come up with anything. She's been online looking from place to place and had several phone interviews, but hasn't found anything too promising.

Today she flew out to Porterville, California for an interview for a job with a newspaper. She's not too sure about the job, but perhaps it will be something for her to do for a while. She has her day booked tomorrow visiting the paper and interviews with this and that person and then she will fly on home on Tuesday.

Jena has been busy with work and in between her busy working schedule and hectic social life, she has been looking into jobs and apartments in Oklahoma City. Yes, that's right - she's planning to move to Ok City this Spring. She has a friend who is graduating as a RN in May and they are planning to move into an apartment this May.

Jena has always wanted to work in a NICU in a large hospital and Ok City has several children's hospital, so she is excited about moving down there to work. She hates to give up her really wonderful job at Meade that she loves so much, but she wants some experience working in a larger facility.

Dad has been busy taking care of cattle and the farm. We've had three little baby calves and Dad is expecting more this week. When he's not been helping me unpack boxes, tote boxes up and down the stairs, emptying the dishwasher or vacuuming (yeah, he's been a huge help the last few weeks when I've been up to my ears with work!), he's been enjoying having all three of us girls home for a while.

As for me, February 1st and 2nd was my deadline for my Latte Quilt classes online and locally. I have a very full class which has been loads of fun, but keeping me busy, very busy. I've been trying out a new camera, new video techniques and such which have kept me occupied as well. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day or I could only live on about 3 hours of sleep; I'd be happy! Thrilled! But that's just not the way life works.

Thankfully Krissa has been home and she's been taking care of meals and some other things which has been a huge help to me! I've let some things slide in my normal housework, meals, organizing and such, so I'm excited to start a new week and get back into my normal routine of all that stuff!

Kid's Klub this year has been a blast! We have a great group of kid's and it's always a treat every Wednesday evening to share God's Word with them. I have pics and other things to share from Kid's Klub and will in a later post.

The little baby kitties!!!! Oh, I just love them to pieces!!! They are so cute and adorable. There little blue eyes are open and they are starting to waddle out from their bed and run around. They are so fun! More pics are coming on my little babies!

Well, I'm sure I've missed something, but that's a little update of the last few weeks. February is already here; I can't believe it! February is always a short month and I'm sure it will just fly by so quickly.


  1. I knew you were quite busy. I am so happy you found some time to update everyone on what you have been up to. I have popped in here from time to time just to check in. I hope Skittles is being a better mother with this new litter! I hope your Latte Quilt class is going well, and I hope you aren't too overwhelmed with everything you have to do!

  2. Boy, it's been forever since I've commented!!

    Wow, Jenna is moving too?! What are you going to do?!!

    Sounds like you're staying really busy!!



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