Wings As Eagles: September 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

One, two or maybe three ladybugs?

Ben, one of the boys in my Sunday School class, had a birthday last week and he was greatly excited by the fact that he is now 6 years old! So Sunday morning I brought cupcakes for his birthday!
Ladybugs just don't hang out in groups of one or two...

There's LOTS of them! :)

And then we had fun eating them and turning our tongues red and black. Maybe this was not such a good idea! :)

We also started decorating our books that we'll put all kinds of things in for this year - memory verses, Bible lessons, pictures...and whatever else I can think of!

Ben decorating his book.

Charlotte creating her book!

Friday, September 18, 2009


September has to be one of my favorite months! (Although I'm sure it wasn't when I was in school!) Part of the reason I love this month is because it's my favorite season for decorating. Some of the fall decorations I put up are my favorites all year long!

I love the reds, browns and golds that blend together into luscious, rich colors. The leaves, the pumpkins, the hay-bales and all that goes with it. In addition to that, do you know how many beautiful fabrics are created in those colors tones?! Yep, I have a collection of them. I probably have more fall themed sewn somethings than I do Christmas.

But not only do I enjoy the fallish color theme that starts in September, but this month also holds so many, many memories.

Like corn harvest at "the farm". My sisters and I would get to spend a couple of days at our cousin's house while Dad helped Uncle Ron with corn harvest. Waving to Dad as he drove trucks in and out of the driveway while we jumped on the trampoline. Trying to find a way to surprise Mom for her birthday. Fun times!

And then there are the tougher ones that will never be forgotten. Like Mom slowly deteriorating more and more. Her brain tumor biopsy surgery. The darkest days spent in the hospital watching her condition worsen without any hope of recovery. The agonizing decisions we were required to make. Sad, but unforgettable times.

And what will September hold in the years to come? Don't have a clue! And I'm not sure I would want to know either!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Almost ready....for a fun year of Kid's Klub!!

The last couple of weeks I've been collecting, printing, cutting, planning, organizing, taping, etc., getting ready for another great year of Kid's Klub! It's just about here! Here's a sneak peek of our theme this Fall!

Color theme is purple; can you tell?? :)

BIG Bible, paperdoll people, stickers and smiley faces; now doesn't that sound like fun??!!

Scamper had to add her input (she tested everything out by playing with and sleeping on them). Cat approved! ;)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What happened this week?

Good question! Lots! August turned into September which has brought some cooler days than we've had in quite a while. Dad had the doors and windows open for a couple hours in the morning several days this week. The cooler weather has been nice after those hot summer days.

Plus Jena, Krissa and I have had several conference calls and skype meetings (still working on the skype thing - web cams have issues at times!) with each other and that's been a blast! The trying to get it all figured out has been just about as fun (there have been some not-so-fun-moments) as actually talking to one another. :)

Monday - the 31st. I spent the day getting last minute details uploading for my online classes. I started a second Latte Quilt class with over 100 students enrolled. I'm thrilled beyond thrilled! I can't believe all the interest in this quilt! Keeping up with two large classes in addition to everything else will be a challenge, but exciting!

Tuesday - The dentist. If there's one thing I hate doing, it's having dental work done and my mouth being numb. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. I went in with the thought of having only part of my mouth without feeling and ended up getting out of there with both my right and left sides of my face numb, even up to my nose and ear! My mouth still isn't quite back to normal almost a week later.

Wednesday - Sorting and organizing orders and inventory. With the start of a new class always brings an increase in orders, email and inventory. Which all has to be sorted, filed, packed and shipped. Some things I've just managed to get in and it ends up going right back out the door. Email can always be a challenge to stay on top of each day, but so far all has gone really smoothly!

Thursday - Planning future classes. My local quilt guild had their meeting that night and I had paperwork to plan, prepare and get ready for a couple local classes I am teaching there. It's been a while since I've taught a local demo class, so I'm looking forward to doing that in November and March.

Friday - Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Friday is my normal day for doing laundry and my weekly house cleaning chores, but for some reason I was on a cleaning spree. Much to my delight I got lots of it accomplished! More than I planned on getting done.

Saturday - Fall decorations! I took down all my patriotic stuff last week and had gotten a small start on fall. And then finished it today! favorite season of the year! In between putting up leaves, wagons and pumpkins, I was also trying to help Jena recover her phone that died. But the decorations are up and at least now Jena has her old phone working so she's not totally without one.