Wings As Eagles: Ahhh...September!

Friday, September 18, 2009


September has to be one of my favorite months! (Although I'm sure it wasn't when I was in school!) Part of the reason I love this month is because it's my favorite season for decorating. Some of the fall decorations I put up are my favorites all year long!

I love the reds, browns and golds that blend together into luscious, rich colors. The leaves, the pumpkins, the hay-bales and all that goes with it. In addition to that, do you know how many beautiful fabrics are created in those colors tones?! Yep, I have a collection of them. I probably have more fall themed sewn somethings than I do Christmas.

But not only do I enjoy the fallish color theme that starts in September, but this month also holds so many, many memories.

Like corn harvest at "the farm". My sisters and I would get to spend a couple of days at our cousin's house while Dad helped Uncle Ron with corn harvest. Waving to Dad as he drove trucks in and out of the driveway while we jumped on the trampoline. Trying to find a way to surprise Mom for her birthday. Fun times!

And then there are the tougher ones that will never be forgotten. Like Mom slowly deteriorating more and more. Her brain tumor biopsy surgery. The darkest days spent in the hospital watching her condition worsen without any hope of recovery. The agonizing decisions we were required to make. Sad, but unforgettable times.

And what will September hold in the years to come? Don't have a clue! And I'm not sure I would want to know either!

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