Wings As Eagles: Almost ready....for a fun year of Kid's Klub!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Almost ready....for a fun year of Kid's Klub!!

The last couple of weeks I've been collecting, printing, cutting, planning, organizing, taping, etc., getting ready for another great year of Kid's Klub! It's just about here! Here's a sneak peek of our theme this Fall!

Color theme is purple; can you tell?? :)

BIG Bible, paperdoll people, stickers and smiley faces; now doesn't that sound like fun??!!

Scamper had to add her input (she tested everything out by playing with and sleeping on them). Cat approved! ;)


  1. Don't ya think Scamper looks a bit like Snuggles? And of course, she looks just like her mama! I miss the kitties!!!!!!!! :(

  2. Snuggles??? No, she was so much darker. Scamper looks like her daddy more than Skittles. Too bad; you moved! ;)


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