Wings As Eagles: February 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a busy couple of days!

After deciding only a week ago to travel to Washington to the Sew Expo, I'm here! It's been fun to spend time with Joanna, get a little break from work (my computer still comes with me, so I can keep in touch with things online! ;)) and just enjoy being surrounded by everything sewing for a few days!

Tuesday I shipped out orders, finished up some business things in the morning and then drove to Colorado Springs to spend the night with Joanna. That morning wasn't my best morning (I actually washed a load of laundry without any laundry detergent!) and then only less than an hour from Joanna's, I hit a deer on the road.

It was dark and that stretch of highway is deserted and I didn't see the pair of deer standing in the middle of the road until I was right upon them. Thankfully I was only going 55 mph and I only hit one of the deer on the right side of my car. It knocked out the glass of my right headlight and made a dent in the right front fender, which all will have to be fixed, but at least it wasn't like Jena's wreck.

The first thing I did was call Dad and of course he asked me the usual if it was drivable, if the lights worked, if anything was leaking, etc. The difficult thing was that it was pitch dark and I could hardly see what damage had been done. It's still drivable, except when I hit a dip in the road, there's a crunching/scraping noise, so something is hitting somewhere. It is just rather frustrating!

Anyway, by the time I got to Joanna's and to bed that night, it was late and we were up the next morning at 4am to get ready and head to the airport to fly out to Seattle. But our flight went well with no delays. Plus we made it through the SeaTac airport with not a single problem.

The only thing I'm going to have to learn is to pack lighter. My suitcase weighed over 50 pounds and would have cost an additional $75 to check if the attendant hadn't allowed me to take out some things. $75!!!! I knew it was extra for over the weight limit, but I didn't realize it was THAT much. Needless to say, I was happy to pack a few things in my carry-on bag. :)

When we landed, it was sprinkling rain and it continued to pour rain as we were driving around. Joanna dropped off her garment at the show and by the time we found out where we were going, took a little detour road trip, made a quick stop at Wal-Mart and found our hotels, it was late afternoon. We were both ready to call it a night!

Today was the first day of the show and has been fun so far! I had the chance to sit in on some great seminars and see some wonderful, creative ideas that make me want to start stitching right now. :)

This is the key to my room....have you ever seen such a
strange-looking key??? It looks like a short usb key!

My room....I've never had a king size bed and it's rather nice! My full size bed at home gets rather full with Skittles, my three babies (oh, I miss those my little babies!) and my computer. Here I can keep my computers and papers on one side of the bed and sleep on the other. Thank goodness I don't sleep like Jena or that would never work! ;)

Lunch and supper! The popcorn and the diet mt. dew are the most important ingredients on the table. ;)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My sister: there's just something I cannot understand!

Krissa has been such a help to me since she has been home and without a job. (Although I don't think she's too pleased about the "without a job" situation! :)) Even though she's been traveling what seems all over the country for interviews, the time she has been home, she's been helping with meals while I've been busy. The one thing I cannot understand is how she can cook with the kitchen in such an uproar! Keep reading to understand......

This is nothing new; she's always been this way when cooking, but I guess I had forgotten since she's been gone for the last 3 years.

Last week Krissa decided to bake a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake (which I might add, was very, very good!). In the middle of the afternoon I took a break from my computer and went upstairs to get something to drink. I walk into the kitchen and see...

...the sink brimming over with mixing bowls, dishes and silverware,

...the kitchen counter covered with mixing tools and ingredients,

...and the kitchen table with evidence of crushed graham crackers from the open box and rolling pin and *just a few crumbs*.

How can anyone cook or bake anything with such a mess as that????

As I'm standing at the edge of the kitchen, mouth open, trying to believe I'm actually seeing what I am seeing and then Krissa, with a saran wrapped log of cookie dough in her hand, asks me if I can use the chocolate chip cookie dough she has leftover. As I'm nodding my head yes, saying to put it in the freezer and I will bake cookies with it in another week or so, she opens the freezer door and pulls out another huge limp of cookie dough.

I could take it no longer; I just burst out laughing! I mean, here is Krissa, standing in a less-than-clean kitchen holding up several pounds of cookie dough. It was just too funny! And it doesn't stop there....

I venture into the kitchen, stroll over to the fridge, get out my can of pop and then Krissa asks me, "Will it hurt Skittles to eat sweets, because she's been licking something off the floor?"

Ok, not only is the sink full, the counters overflowing and the table covered in graham cracker crumbs, but there are bits and pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake on the floor that Skittles has discovered?

That was just the icing on the cake! I can't complain because Krissa always cleans up everything - yes, even the 200 mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons and pans she gets out. But I still don't understand why it takes so many utensils to bake cheesecake or how she can stand working in a kitchen like that! Although I shouldn't be surprised because one of the first things I did when we were in Krissa's apartment in AL and she was cooking was start washing the pile of dishes in the sink. :)

I know you have to have some of those utensils when cooking, but if you wash them as you go, the kitchen stays much more organized and you don't have a huge mess to deal with after whatever you are fixing is finished.

As Dad always says, "There's a right way, a wrong way and then there's Mom's way."

News flash: There's now Krissa's way! ;)

BTW, Krissa has now joined the online blogging community! Take a peek at her brand new blog.

Oh, and those CLEAN dishes on the right half of the sink?
Those are the ones I washed during and after lunch. The left side
of the sink is totally Krissa's responsibility. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hmmmm...what's up now?

Well, it seems like I just get a little break and then things start getting busy again! But that's ok; I wouldn't want to be bored, right??? ;)

Business-wise things I've been able to keep up to date. This month I started both my local and online quilt classes and while there were some challenges along the way, it's been a fun start to the year! I've even managed to spend a little time (usually late night/early morning) hours doing some web coding for future website plans, so that has been fun! If only I had another 200 years to do everything I would like to do! But I'm not sure that I would actually want to live 225 years. ;)

I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon of my weekly menus, planning my cleaning jobs and organizing plans each month. Usually I use January as a month to plan out the year, organize, start my taxes (yeah, that's my priority #1 now!) and catch-up on things I put off during the holidays. But January was a rush-rush month and needless to say, I was just managing to get the living room floor vacuumed once every two weeks (and Dad usually did that!). It's not like we generate a lot of crumbs, but still I have a schedule of what I should be doing (yeah, I know; it gets me into trouble at times!) and I like to keep it. Hopefully in another month, I'll be back on track.

I'm flying to Washington state next week for the Sew Expo Sewing/Quilting/Craft show and I'm really excited! Why? (1) Joanna is going! (2) It's sewing, so of course I would love it! (3) I like traveling even if I don't always have time to do it. (4) Joanna is going! :)

Actually Joanna is the main reason I am going as she is participating in a fashion show sponsored by Bernina and has spent the last two months planning the dress and jacket she created! And it looks great! Can't wait to see it in person! :)

Plans are still in motion for Jena moving to OK City. She's going down next week to visit Briann (will be her roommate) and do plan some living arrangements. Then she has interviews scheduled in March at several hospitals. She's excited! And I'm excited to get rid of all the water bottles she leaves in the fridge and the grapes and bananas she puts in the freezer! ;)

Krissa is on her way home from Kentucky. As I mentioned a while back, she flew out to CA and was offered the newspaper reporter job there. But a day after she arrived home, she heard back from a magazine in Lexington, Kentucky for an assistant editor position. So she drove to Kentucky this week, did the interview and should be home today. She really would prefer the magazine position over the newspaper, but she'll have to wait and see what happens.

As for the little babies, they are growing like crazy and sooooo much fun AND getting into trouble! I love 'em to pieces! :)

A look at Kid's Klub so far!

Jena and I have had a wonderful time helping with Kid's Klub! The kids have done an amazing job of memorizing the books of the Bible, although it has seemed to take them a bit longer to recall just *how many* books of the Bible there are! I'll keep asking that question every week until everyone can say 66. :)

Terri has done some great illustrations on Jesus' parables. I'm just amazed every week at what she has come up with to attract the kid's attention. And Jena has introduced some great games that the kids just love playing. Although I don't think anything can beat playing hide-and-see-tag in the dark. That is by far the favorite of all! If you drive up and all is dark, you know why! ;)

Here's a glimpse of some of our Wednesday nights so far!

The parable of the wise and foolish man and their houses...

The foolish man (boys team) built his house on the sand...

...which seemed strong until the wind and rain came...

...and the house fell down!

The wise man (girls team) built his house on the rock
and when the wind and rain came, it stood firm!

Ready to play the balloon pouncing game? These girls are!

Tie a balloon to each ankle with a rubber band...tie it tight!

Here's the rules: You try to pounce on one another's balloons
and pop them without letting someone pop your own. The one with
both balloons at the end of the game wins.

I have to say this was so hilarious to watch. The kids loved it
and had so much fun trying to pop each other's balloons! Terri, Jena
and I has more fun watching than the kids has playing! :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My precious little furry babies!

Skittles' little kittens are growing like crazy! The little babies are running around all over my room and have little rolly-polly tummies! All I have to do is walk into my room and start talking and the little babies come running out from under the bed. They love attention. :)

They are so fun to play with and I've had more time this week to enjoy them. They are growing up so fast, so I know I have to play with them now before I have to give them away. I've started bringing them upstairs and they just run around and play much to the dismay of their ever-protective mother who is constantly screaming at them. :)

Skittles has gotten quite upset with Jena when she takes her kittens out of my room. She's attacked her a couple of times and yes, Jena has scars. Minor, but still little teeth marks. Sunday afternoon I taped the video below and Skittles started attacking Jena on the floor. It was hilarious! Not for Jena, but certainly for me! :) Too bad I wasn't taping at that time! That could have won an award! lol!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A busy 3 weeks!

Yes, it's been a whole entire 3 weeks since I have posted anything. It has been so busy around here that I've just put blogging on hold for a while. Even though my blogging has been on a hiatus, that doesn't mean that it's been dull, boring and uneventful around here. Oh yes, it's been anything but that! Let me give you an update!

Krissa did arrive home as planned the middle of January. She's been lounging around at home, searching for jobs from California to New York. While in Florida, she searched out some jobs, but did not come up with anything. She's been online looking from place to place and had several phone interviews, but hasn't found anything too promising.

Today she flew out to Porterville, California for an interview for a job with a newspaper. She's not too sure about the job, but perhaps it will be something for her to do for a while. She has her day booked tomorrow visiting the paper and interviews with this and that person and then she will fly on home on Tuesday.

Jena has been busy with work and in between her busy working schedule and hectic social life, she has been looking into jobs and apartments in Oklahoma City. Yes, that's right - she's planning to move to Ok City this Spring. She has a friend who is graduating as a RN in May and they are planning to move into an apartment this May.

Jena has always wanted to work in a NICU in a large hospital and Ok City has several children's hospital, so she is excited about moving down there to work. She hates to give up her really wonderful job at Meade that she loves so much, but she wants some experience working in a larger facility.

Dad has been busy taking care of cattle and the farm. We've had three little baby calves and Dad is expecting more this week. When he's not been helping me unpack boxes, tote boxes up and down the stairs, emptying the dishwasher or vacuuming (yeah, he's been a huge help the last few weeks when I've been up to my ears with work!), he's been enjoying having all three of us girls home for a while.

As for me, February 1st and 2nd was my deadline for my Latte Quilt classes online and locally. I have a very full class which has been loads of fun, but keeping me busy, very busy. I've been trying out a new camera, new video techniques and such which have kept me occupied as well. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day or I could only live on about 3 hours of sleep; I'd be happy! Thrilled! But that's just not the way life works.

Thankfully Krissa has been home and she's been taking care of meals and some other things which has been a huge help to me! I've let some things slide in my normal housework, meals, organizing and such, so I'm excited to start a new week and get back into my normal routine of all that stuff!

Kid's Klub this year has been a blast! We have a great group of kid's and it's always a treat every Wednesday evening to share God's Word with them. I have pics and other things to share from Kid's Klub and will in a later post.

The little baby kitties!!!! Oh, I just love them to pieces!!! They are so cute and adorable. There little blue eyes are open and they are starting to waddle out from their bed and run around. They are so fun! More pics are coming on my little babies!

Well, I'm sure I've missed something, but that's a little update of the last few weeks. February is already here; I can't believe it! February is always a short month and I'm sure it will just fly by so quickly.