Wings As Eagles: Hmmmm...what's up now?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hmmmm...what's up now?

Well, it seems like I just get a little break and then things start getting busy again! But that's ok; I wouldn't want to be bored, right??? ;)

Business-wise things I've been able to keep up to date. This month I started both my local and online quilt classes and while there were some challenges along the way, it's been a fun start to the year! I've even managed to spend a little time (usually late night/early morning) hours doing some web coding for future website plans, so that has been fun! If only I had another 200 years to do everything I would like to do! But I'm not sure that I would actually want to live 225 years. ;)

I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon of my weekly menus, planning my cleaning jobs and organizing plans each month. Usually I use January as a month to plan out the year, organize, start my taxes (yeah, that's my priority #1 now!) and catch-up on things I put off during the holidays. But January was a rush-rush month and needless to say, I was just managing to get the living room floor vacuumed once every two weeks (and Dad usually did that!). It's not like we generate a lot of crumbs, but still I have a schedule of what I should be doing (yeah, I know; it gets me into trouble at times!) and I like to keep it. Hopefully in another month, I'll be back on track.

I'm flying to Washington state next week for the Sew Expo Sewing/Quilting/Craft show and I'm really excited! Why? (1) Joanna is going! (2) It's sewing, so of course I would love it! (3) I like traveling even if I don't always have time to do it. (4) Joanna is going! :)

Actually Joanna is the main reason I am going as she is participating in a fashion show sponsored by Bernina and has spent the last two months planning the dress and jacket she created! And it looks great! Can't wait to see it in person! :)

Plans are still in motion for Jena moving to OK City. She's going down next week to visit Briann (will be her roommate) and do plan some living arrangements. Then she has interviews scheduled in March at several hospitals. She's excited! And I'm excited to get rid of all the water bottles she leaves in the fridge and the grapes and bananas she puts in the freezer! ;)

Krissa is on her way home from Kentucky. As I mentioned a while back, she flew out to CA and was offered the newspaper reporter job there. But a day after she arrived home, she heard back from a magazine in Lexington, Kentucky for an assistant editor position. So she drove to Kentucky this week, did the interview and should be home today. She really would prefer the magazine position over the newspaper, but she'll have to wait and see what happens.

As for the little babies, they are growing like crazy and sooooo much fun AND getting into trouble! I love 'em to pieces! :)


  1. Hello, dear Serena! I'm so glad you posted this. I've been thinking about you--hoping everything was going well and knowing you were busy busy! I really hope your classes (both in-person and on-line) go very well. I also hope things calm down enough that you can return to a more normal organizational schedule. You must be glad that you took the time last year to organize your sewing storage area with those wonderful shelves. I'm sure that helps you during these busy days! I hope we will see more pictures of your precious new little kitties (only if you have time!). I'm so happy to hear that your sisters are finding work in their chosen fields. I'll continue to pray for them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hey, your decision to fly to Washington didn’t have anything to do with me, did it????? :-)

  3. I forgot to mention, I am SO excited that you are going to Puyallup! One of these days I would really like to go. I hope you will take pictures and share your adventures with us! The little kitties will miss you, I'm sure!

  4. Linda - Thanks!!! Those shelves have been such a lifesaver and made my life sooo much simplier! :) I'm sure I'll have some stuff to share when I get back from teh Sew Expo!

    Joanna - A definite, most certain, total and complete YES!!! ;) Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!!!


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