Wings As Eagles: Skittles and her kittens

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Skittles and her kittens

Skittles had her kittens on July 23rd. I was so glad she waited until after we arrived home from camp! She had five little ones, but one was born dead. Four little white ones and one little black one. The little white ones were so cute! White with little dark ears and tails...I'm sure they would have had some Siamese markings like Skittles.

I'm not sure what was wrong or why, but all the white little kittens died. By the time 5 days had gone by, there was only the black kitten left. Of course, you know, that is the very way it works. The very ones I wanted were the very ones that didn't live. Not that the black one is cute, because it is, but I really wanted some Siamese.

I can't say that Skittles is the best of mothers. The kitten is in my room and she will stay in there at night with me (sleeping on the bed with me instead of with her kitten on the floor half the night!), but when I am upstairs or in my sewing room during the day, half the time she is with me. And then her kitten is downstairs screaming! But at least it's here and still alive! :)

one day old four little kittens

One night I woke up to a screaming kitten and discovered that Skittles had moved one of the two remaining kittens into my closet and left it there. I got up and moved it back into the box. A couple of hours later there was more intense screaming and I got up to discover that she moved both her kittens this time. I moved them back to her box. Finally after I got home from church that same day, she moved them again and I decided just to leave them there. I couldn't take another night of that screaming and moving around! :)

only one little black one left!

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  1. the little kitten is darling! I am glad he is doing ok! have you named him?


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