Wings As Eagles: The journey of the footprints...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The journey of the footprints...

The footprints were a success at camp this year! For each memory verse, the campers were able to tape a footprint with their name on it on the wall. We started the journey at Moab and continued all around the dining room to Bethlehem. Quite a sight to see!

I marked the wall with colored sticky dots so the kids would know where to put the prints and it worked great! Although it was quite a chore on Friday afternoon taking all those footprints down off the wall. But worth it 100%!!

Edit: I didn't mention this when I originally posted this, but there were a total of 250 footprints the first week of camp and 397 the second week of camp!! That's a lot of Bible Verses being memorized!!! :) Great work by the campers!!!


  1. Hello there,
    YIKES! That's quite a few feet! How many kids you got there!!! LOL! that is probably one of the best ideas for biblical memorization that I've ever seen/heard! Once the new post on ginger's blog comes up, you've got to tell her about this (I can't say why though, I'll let her tell). She's probably already seen it though.Great idea!
    All the best!


  2. That's a LOT of footprints! Looks like fun, though!


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