Wings As Eagles: A visit to the treehouse

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A visit to the treehouse

The tree house at camp has been under construction for years. Little by little each year there are new improvements and there will continue to be in the years ahead. One year a new swinging bridge. Another summer a deck of the tree house. The next summer a three story wood tree house.

It's always neat to see what is new and improved each summer. Clara and Luke had asked me several times to go see the tree house and the animals there, so one day we took a trip over there.

First, take a walk across the swinging bridge...

...and then decide to go up to the tree house
or down to see the animals...

There it is! All three levels!

...walking up the wooden path...

Going up to the tree house, there are chairs on the second level.
The first week Mike taught his Bible class out here.

There's even a curved staircase to go up to the third floor!

A screen door is at the top of the stairs.

Clara and I

There are hammocks and mattresses for sleeping.
It's completely enclosed with screens and
looks nice. One week a group of boys slept
out here and unfortunately it rained that night.
With a tin roof, it was quite a noisy night! :)

I really can't imagine sleeping in one of
these, but it must be possible.

...back down the stairs...

Clara's attempt at picture-taking! :)

Clara and Luke


  1. Hi, (Wow!)
    The trip reminds me a bit of the movie "BRIDGE TO TARABITHIA". You got a little house/church thing goin' there. Man, had it not been for the wall-less fist (and I) think second floor, you could probably have a family living there! LOL!!! All the best!


  2. OOOPs....I am on my cousins laptop and didn't realize she was already logged in.



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