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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My sister: there's just something I cannot understand!

Krissa has been such a help to me since she has been home and without a job. (Although I don't think she's too pleased about the "without a job" situation! :)) Even though she's been traveling what seems all over the country for interviews, the time she has been home, she's been helping with meals while I've been busy. The one thing I cannot understand is how she can cook with the kitchen in such an uproar! Keep reading to understand......

This is nothing new; she's always been this way when cooking, but I guess I had forgotten since she's been gone for the last 3 years.

Last week Krissa decided to bake a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake (which I might add, was very, very good!). In the middle of the afternoon I took a break from my computer and went upstairs to get something to drink. I walk into the kitchen and see...

...the sink brimming over with mixing bowls, dishes and silverware,

...the kitchen counter covered with mixing tools and ingredients,

...and the kitchen table with evidence of crushed graham crackers from the open box and rolling pin and *just a few crumbs*.

How can anyone cook or bake anything with such a mess as that????

As I'm standing at the edge of the kitchen, mouth open, trying to believe I'm actually seeing what I am seeing and then Krissa, with a saran wrapped log of cookie dough in her hand, asks me if I can use the chocolate chip cookie dough she has leftover. As I'm nodding my head yes, saying to put it in the freezer and I will bake cookies with it in another week or so, she opens the freezer door and pulls out another huge limp of cookie dough.

I could take it no longer; I just burst out laughing! I mean, here is Krissa, standing in a less-than-clean kitchen holding up several pounds of cookie dough. It was just too funny! And it doesn't stop there....

I venture into the kitchen, stroll over to the fridge, get out my can of pop and then Krissa asks me, "Will it hurt Skittles to eat sweets, because she's been licking something off the floor?"

Ok, not only is the sink full, the counters overflowing and the table covered in graham cracker crumbs, but there are bits and pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake on the floor that Skittles has discovered?

That was just the icing on the cake! I can't complain because Krissa always cleans up everything - yes, even the 200 mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons and pans she gets out. But I still don't understand why it takes so many utensils to bake cheesecake or how she can stand working in a kitchen like that! Although I shouldn't be surprised because one of the first things I did when we were in Krissa's apartment in AL and she was cooking was start washing the pile of dishes in the sink. :)

I know you have to have some of those utensils when cooking, but if you wash them as you go, the kitchen stays much more organized and you don't have a huge mess to deal with after whatever you are fixing is finished.

As Dad always says, "There's a right way, a wrong way and then there's Mom's way."

News flash: There's now Krissa's way! ;)

BTW, Krissa has now joined the online blogging community! Take a peek at her brand new blog.

Oh, and those CLEAN dishes on the right half of the sink?
Those are the ones I washed during and after lunch. The left side
of the sink is totally Krissa's responsibility. :)


  1. Oh this post really made me laugh. I was actually in my own little kitchen on Saturday baking banana nut bread so I really relate to your tidy kitchen ways. I tend to rinse bowls and utensils as I go along so I don't have a huge mess to clean up at the end. But, everyone is different and it certainly looks like your sister had a wonderful time in the kitchen which is the most important thing! Have a blessed week!

  2. Oh yes that's me:) Only usually I'm doing multiple cooking projects and clean up when I'm finished. Because you know why clean up a mess when it's just going to happen again?:)


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