Wings As Eagles: The storm last night...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The storm last night...

Last night was a night for rain, hail, wind and more rain! Around 6:00 pm the wind started really blowing and the sky was getting pretty dark. In another hour it started to rain and hail. It rained and hailed off and on all evening and through the night!

The really scary part was that there was a tornado spotted near Ensign. I had gone outside on the front porch to try to take pictures of the hail on the ground. When I looked just a little north of our house, I could see clouds that looked like a tornado.

I went back inside to get Dad, who was watching the weather on tv. He could definitely see that it was a tornado. It seemed to be on the ground only a few minutes. As we stood on the porch and watched, the funnel cloud dissipated and the winds and hail calmed down some.

It was so dark, I couldn't get any pictures. The only way I could see the clouds and tornado is with the light from the lightening flashes. That was the only tornado in our area last night and I am so glad. Seeing a tornado in our front yard is NOT something I would like to see again!

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