Wings As Eagles: A Hectic Weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Hectic Weekend!

When we returned home Friday evening, we started unloading the van and one of the first things Dad said was, "Serena, we have computer problems." As it turns out we had a really bad thunderstorm Wednesday night and Dad heard something pop in the house around 1 am. He got up and unplugged everything, but apparently it was too late.

The next morning he was able to turn on the computer, but couldn't get online. So he called the telephone company, they sent someone out and it just so happens that lightning not only took out the DSL modem, but also the router and network card in the computer.

So I was on the phone for a while trying to figure out what exactly was the problem. Finally we were able to get it figured out and should be getting a new network card this week. We were able to get laundry done, meals for Dad ready for this week and packed again for the second week of camp. What a busy weekend!!

Also, I had a ton of boxes to unpack over the weekend. I think Dad was about ready to tell the UPS and FedEx guys not to come back to our house for a while!

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