Wings As Eagles: Lady's pink cast

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lady's pink cast

Lady had been pretty content in her cage until Monday. I checked on her right before I left for class on Monday and found her water soaked in her blanket, her food scattered and the stuffing in the pillow all over her cage!

We have been letting her stay on the porch; she is too restless in the cage. We took the bandage off yesterday and so far, she isn't walking on it yet. It must still hurt her some. Hopefully she won't put too much weight on it until it is healed. She has been sleeping on her de-stuffed pillow on the porch. Although, when we take her outside on a leash, she is more than ready to go!

Lady and her pink cast

Lady on her de-stuffed pillow

Lady & Dad


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDDO!!! Do you feel a year older?

    Love ya,
    Your sis

  2. Being 24 doesn't feel too different from being 23!!! Just wait, Jen, you're turns coming! :)


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