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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Perfect little birthday gift...

Since Sissie died last week, Jena and Krissa surprised me with a little Siamese kitten last Friday evening - an early birthday gift! Skittles is perfect; I couldn't ask for a better birthday present! :)

Unknown to me, Jena was planning to pick up the kitten Friday morning. Jena told me she had a meeting at the hospital in Meade Friday morning; she frequently has meetings she attends, so it was nothing unusual. She said she would be home around noon. I was surprised when she came home early at 11:00. She told me this big story about the meeting being canceled because the person who was teaching, his dad had a heart attack and they had to fly him to Wichita, so on and so forth.

Knowing this can happen, I believed her. Why would I not?? Dad came in the house a few minutes later and asked if Jena was home (he was in on the scheme also!). I told him she was, her meeting had been canceled and why. He knew the person who supposedly had had the heart attack, so I told him, knowing that he would be interested. The funny thing was that I almost had convinced Dad that the story was true. He really thought that could be true, even to the point that he went downstairs to ask Jena! :0

When Krissa got home from work, they came downstairs with a screaming little kitten and explained the whole story! It was pretty funny and I had no clue what they were doing. I will have to be more suspicious when Jena has meetings in Meade from now on! ;)

sleeping on the bed

her favorite place - my lap!


trying to play with the leaves

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