Wings As Eagles: Packed and ready to go, I think...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Packed and ready to go, I think...

I finished the menu for Dad and have the stuff for what he needs this week packed in the refrigerator and freezer. That's accomplished and done! He just looked at me when I told him where everything was and that it was all labeled for each day and meal! ;)

And I think and hope I have everything I need for this week of camp. I feel like I've been on the run for the last several days in super fast mode, but I think I've got it all. This is my shipping supplies, memory verse store prizes & info, teaching supplies and some of my clothes. I've still got a pile of hanging clothes and a computer to pile on also. Plus Jena and Krissa with all of their things.

Dad said it's a good thing we are taking the van or everything would have never, ever fit inside! We will be packed together, but it is only a couple of hours and then we get to unload everything!

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  1. I got a good laugh out of this! Wish I could be a little mouse in a corner watching your Dad cleaning out the litter box, etc.


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