Wings As Eagles: Lady is so glad to be free!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lady is so glad to be free!

Lady is so thrilled to be free from her temporary prison - the porch! She has been confined to that small area for 6 weeks and was more than ready to be outside without being on a leash.

At least Jena and Krissa can leave to go running in the morning or evening and we don't have to listen to her whine and howl on the porch because she can't go with them. She's been following Dad around outside and going with him in the morning to check cattle.

Her leg seems to be healing very well. She walks on it, but when running, she still tends to hold it up and just run on her other 3 legs. Hopefully in time she will use her healing leg more and more.

Lady enjoying the warm sun!


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