Wings As Eagles: Mom loved Spring!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mom loved Spring!

Today was beautiful outside! Not that I was outside much to enjoy it, but it was a great day for going to Dodge today. I had an appt. to fit the Miss Kitty costume I am making this afternoon and ran to a couple of stores. I actually needed the air conditioner in my car - the first time this year!

As I pulled in the driveway, the thought crossed my mind that Mom would have loved a day like today. Spring was her favorite time of year! If Mom would have been shopping in Dodge, she would be anxious to get home and be outside. For her weekly grocery shopping trip, Mom usually left in the morning while it was still cool and would be home by lunch or early afternoon. After we helped unpack and put up groceries, she would always sit down in the kitchen and go through all the sales receipts to be sure she was charged the correct price on sale items she bought. Mom was very skilled at finding sales and bargains!

Then she would go and sit on the back porch steps reading and enjoying being outside. There were times she would work in her garden or flowers. I can just see Mom in my mind sitting on the steps, sunglasses on, a bottle of water nearby and Lady sitting next to her. Sometime she would be reading her Bible or a book, reviewing memory verses or just praying and enjoying being outside. She would look up every once in a while and watch Dad as he would be going in and out of the shed, working on something.

I just wish I could walk across the family room, look out the back door and see Mom sitting there on the steps again!

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