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Friday, May 11, 2007


Lady had surgery Wednesday morning to repair her torn ACL ligament in her back leg. She was content to jump in the car with me Wednesday morning to go to Dodge, but when we were ready to go into the vet, she wasn't too thrilled. She remembered being there last week and wasn't too happy about it.

They kept her overnight and I picked her up Thursday morning. She was a little scared around all the strange people, but perked up a little when I walked back to take her out of her cage. She is supposed to be confined to a cage for 7-10 days to let her leg completely heal. Then she can be in a a little bigger area for another 30 days. I'm not looking forward to the days of confining her to the porch; she will not be very happy.

Dad created a small area on the porch with plywood to keep her in with a door so we could get her in and out to take her outside to the bathroom. She wasn't too perky when we brought her home, so we thought she would be content to lay around for a couple days. Wrong. Yesterday afternoon I was downstairs and heard a loud bang upstairs. No one else was home and Dad was outside, so the first thing I though was Lady!

Yep, I was right! She figured out how open the wooden door and the screen door and was sitting in the sun outside on the steps. I stuck her back inside and told Dad we needed something different. At least she isn't putting weight on that leg when she walks, probably because it still hurts from the surgery. That's fine; she's not supposed to be walking on that leg.

Dad found this cage out in the shed and that is where she is now. She hasn't minded it so far, but it won't take long and she will be itching to be out. She was more than ready to get out this morning when I took her outside.

At least she's on the road to recovery with her leg, although the next few weeks may not be too much fun...:)

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