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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just a few notes

It's been rather busy around our house the past couple of weeks. The renters in our big house 1/2 mile from us moved out while we were at camp. So last week we started cleaning the house, getting it ready to rent. It definitely needed some cleaning - the windows, the bathrooms, the kitchen. Plus Dad had to fix the ceiling in the bathroom where the roof had been leaking. And then the normal repairs from someone just living there. But I think we are all finished and it is ready to rent. No renters yet, but I'm sure we'll find some.

Krissa caught a cold over the weekend and is still battling it. Plus she has been working a lot more hours this week at the day care in Dodge. She's grateful for the additional hours, but is tired working the hours she is with her cold. In only about 3 weeks she will be going back to school; can't believe it!

Krissa and Dad have been car shopping several times this summer and finally found a car for her to take back to school. Although it is not exactly my kind of car, she likes it and it fits her oh-so-well! The bright color, style and everything! :)

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