Wings As Eagles: Yes, he took a bath...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yes, he took a bath...

When I went upstairs this morning the first thing I smelled was skunk! And it was coming from the large, dark haired cat sitting on the kitchen floor. Rascal ran into a skunk sometime last night and smelled horrible!

I ran some water in the bathtub and stuck him in it. The smell was so bad, I had to clip on nose plugs as I literally soaked his fur with soap, trying to get the skunk smell out. He wasn't very pleased with the bath, but at least he didn't really fight me, he just stands in the water and meows.

Poor Skittles couldn't figure out why he was screaming and what I was doing to her best buddy. She was right there with her paws on the tub, looking in at Rascal as I was pouring water over him. After I dried him off a little, she just followed him around. He does look quite different wet compared to dry.

I stuck him outside and sprayed air freshener throughout the house. Maybe the skunk smell won't hang around too long.

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