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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our day at the fair

Yesterday we attended the Kansas State Fair! It had been 2 years since we had been there and I had sent 2 boxes of my stitched projects to be entered in the fair, so I wanted to go and look through the domestic arts building.

The day turned out to be a little cool and cloudy, but not too bad for walking around outside. Jena met Katrina (a friend from Topeka), leaving Dad and I on our own for much of the day. Then on the way to Hutchinson, we stopped at Stafford and I saw Lois, one of my quilting buddies! Believe it or not, we were both headed to the fair and neither one of us knew the other one was going! I couldn't believe it, but we planned to meet up later and go through the quilts together.

I'm so glad I ran into Lois! We had such a fun time looking through all the quilts and stitched items. The time we were in there just disappeared, but when we left I figured we had been in that one are for over 2 hours. That was fine...Jena was off with Katrina and Dad was looking at farm equipment.

I sent over 20 projects to the fair, entered in 10 different catagories. Dad and Jena walked with me through the domestic arts building, quickly, looking for the things I made to see if I received any ribbons. I didn't really expect to win but just a few, but I actually received a ribbon in 7 different classes. I sent multiple items for each class and can only receive a ribbon for one. I ended up with 4 blue ribbons, 1 red ribbon and 2 white ribbons. I was completely surprised!

Overall it was a fun day! Here are a few photos and there are more on my online photo album. Enjoy!

Jena & Katrina

Jena, Dad, Me
Dad found the hat he was looking for at the fair!


My dove quilt won a red ribbon!

My Stars of the Show wall hanging, featuring Jena and Krissa,
won a blue ribbon! Jena said now they are famous! :)

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  1. Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!!! (Cute pictures too, by the way! :))



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