Wings As Eagles: The first thing I have to do is...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The first thing I have to do is...

...get online! Yes, that's right, I haven't been online since about 5 am this morning! The first thing I did since arriving here in Houston is connect my computer to the Internet. Gotta keep tabs with what's happening online....made my rounds in the Internet world and now I'm off to register for quilt market this afternoon! :)

Perhaps I ought to clarify for some of you - I'm in Houston, TX for the next few days for business quilt market, hoping to learn and enjoy seeing all of the new and exciting things in the quilting world!!

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  1. I've tried for the last couple of days to leave a comment and for some reason it wouldn't let me. (I think I know what the problem was, but anyway...) I wanted to say that I've been reading, just haven't been able to comment lately. Hope you're had fun at the quilt thing! :)



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