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Friday, October 12, 2007

My little sister...

I've talked to Krissa several times this week. She is so busy with everything there at school, that we don't talk to her too much and she rarely emails us....just too hectic and busy, I guess!

But, it's been fun getting phone calls from her, even if it is about trying to figure out a computer problem! Her cell phone gave out a couple weeks ago and she just CAN'T live without a phone (I can understand; I'd feel the same way!). So we ordered a new phone and had it sent to SC.

Then it has become the huge ordeal of trying to get her contacts (all 200 million of them! :)) switched from her old phone to her new one without having to manually type in each one. I sent her a bluetooth adapter and we've been trying to get her computer to connect to the phone, but we're not making very much progress.

So, she has been carrying around 2 phones all the time - her old one with all the phone numbers plus her new one that actually works! How confusing can that be?!?!

It's been great to talk to her, even though it's been 12:00 at night when she calls! She's up till 2 or 3 in the morning working on the college paper about every night and I'm still up sewing or doing computer work, so it's worked out fine! The plan is to get her phone figured out this weekend, hopefully!

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