Wings As Eagles: happened...

Thursday, November 15, 2007 happened...

I was sitting in the kitchen answering emails and all of a sudden heard a loud crash. I ran into the living room and found this mess that a certain little white furball knocked off the table.

I'm actually surprised this hasn't happened before now. For some reason she loves carting those little pumpkins all over the house. I've found them hidden everywhere! That's what happens since I posted this last week! :)

And just think...what will happen will when we put up Christmas decorations...??


  1. SKITTLES!! NAUGHTY KITTY! Did you scold her???

    And why my dear did you post that pic of us from camp...I look dreadfully awful, like a geek with those glasses, and my hair...well, it just looks like a messy blob of friz on top of my head!

  2. Of course I scolded her!!! :)

    Well, my dear,...we don't have too many pics of us three that are much better over the past year, am I correct? We'll have to take some photos when Kris is home over Christmas!

  3. But I bet Skittles wasn't scolded too hard because after all it is also cute.
    the time I remember being the angriest is when I had two kittens and came home and found the decorated Christmas tree down on the floor in front of the front door!

    I'm sorry I missed this geeky picture. Where is it so that I can look and judge for myself.


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