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Monday, December 3, 2007

Getting caught up on things...

Well, I've been busy today on the computer, shipping out orders over the last few days and getting caught up on other business details. I've been in Chicago for the past week attending a Bernina Teacher's Reunion and had a wonderful time, but now it's catch-up time.

Actually I can't say that I've actually been in Chicago that whole time, maybe only about 2 days. We planned for two days driving up and two days driving home and then being in Chicago for two days. I have lots of photos and interesting stories to tell, including traveling adventures, sewing fun, driving at night and being caught in a snow/ice storm.

But right now, this is part of the pile of stuff I've been working through today. I made some progress considering that the table was piled much higher and more stuff was stashed underneath that needed to be unboxed and put away. And that does not even begin to show my pile of custom sewing and embroidery that needs to be done in the next week.....I think I've got plenty to do!

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  1. Glad you had some adventure. That's always fun. I'm looking forward to your stories and pictures.


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