Wings As Eagles: "Don't interrupt the teacher!"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Don't interrupt the teacher!"

This is just pretty comical. I had an "assistant rule administrator" in Sunday School this morning and being only 7 years old, she actually did very well! :)

I have two boys in class that are rather active and very talkative. They come in and want to tell me everything they have done this week. They stumble over each other trying to talk to me. Anyway, I have been working with them to not interrupt me when I'm talking.

We had just started reviewing our memory verse when one of the girls in my class said very emphatically to the boys, "Don't interrupt the teacher when she is talking! That is not very polite!"

It did manage to get the boys attention and I'm just standing there, trying not to burst out laughing! :)

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