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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just what is he doing?

Yesterday afternoon I walked through the family room, glanced out the front window and then kept walking....but wait, there was something unusual in that front picture window...what exactly is Dad doing?

The first thing I thought of when I saw this long round, narrow thing was a python snake. Just gives me the shivers thinking about it! We actually had some people who wanted to rent our house next door years ago that had a python as a pet. Yes, as a pet! And worse of all they let it out of the cage sometime to play with it!

Well...I don't think any one of us three girls got any sleep that night after we heard that. Especially the let out of the cage bit. And we told Dad in no uncertain terms that we did not want them to rent the house or we would not ever step outside this house again! But hey, would you if you knew there could be a huge six foot snake that sees you as dinner?

Needless to say they didn't move in next door and we were able to live our normal lives! My sisters and I were more than relieved. :)

Anyway, back to the digging that Dad was doing. He actually put in a pipe and buried the water hose under the driveway. Which is a really genius idea because it never fails that when he has the hose strung across the driveway that Jena or I drive in and the green hose just disappears in the brown sand and grass (in other words, are minds are in some far off land and weren't not paying attention to the hose being there). Don't know how that happens, but it just does! And we don't realize that the hose was there until....ummm....we've already driven over it. Which, yep, has cost Dad a hose or two.

Dad's been doing lots of watering across the driveway and will continue to do so during the summer since he planted some shrubs and bushes there. He put up the new white fence and is filling in the end of the shelter belt with some rose bushes and other plants.

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  1. How smart. :) I love the fence! It'll look so pretty with roses nearby!

    (Oh, and yes that's totally gross about the python! I'm glad they moved. :) There used to be some people here in town that had a python and a LION as a pet. We saw it riding around in the back of a pickup truck uptown one time!!)



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