Wings As Eagles: Wait...can that actually be correct? o messages?!?!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wait...can that actually be correct? o messages?!?!

I actually went through the email in my Inbox, filed what needed to be filed, deleted some, answered what I needed to and I actually only have 6 emails in my business Inbox!

And my personal email addy Inbox is actually....wait a minute, did I read that correctly?....0 messages?? Whoohoo!!! Yes, that's right. I should have taken a photo before because the list was mighty long with emails dating back to.....oh my, yes, it's true.....October 2007.

I had a ton of emails sitting in my Inbox waiting to be filed, mainly because I've been doing some business with a company and there's been many, many emails back and forth within the last two weeks, probably around 60-70 emails being traded back and forth.

And then there's been quite a few emails between a certain someone and myself this week filling up my Inbox. So since I'm sure that certain someone will be reading can see my Inbox now sits at 0 and I've been keeping up with my email!! :) LOL!!

As exciting as it is to have all my email organized and filed away, it still is always great to hear that little chime when a new email appears! After all, who doesn't like receiving email?!?!?!

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