Wings As Eagles: On the way to South Carolina...

Friday, May 2, 2008

On the way to South Carolina...

12:00 pm - Eastern time - Right now we are driving down I-40 in Tennessee, headed for North Carolina and then our final destination - Greenville, South Carolina. We just stopped, filled the van up with gas and filled our cups with Diet Mountain Dew. Every place we stop, that is the first thing Jena and I look for to see if they have that refreshing liquid in their fountain drink section. :)

We left about 6:45 Thursday morning, ready for a 20+ hour journey. Laptops, ipods, cell phones, pillows, blankets and yeah, luggage too. As we drove out of the driveway, Skittles was looking out the picture window in the family room, watching us leave. Poor thing! I'm not quite sure how she is going to survive without us for almost a week.

She knew something wasn't "normal" since I was up at 4:30 that morning and went to bed at 30-something the night before. I recall looking at my computer before I turned it off Wednesday evening and seeing that the clock said ?:30-something. I recall the last two digits, but can't recall if the first were 12 or 1. At that point in the morning, it really didn't matter...I had only a few hours to sleep anyway.

----We are now traveling in a tunnel and have already gone through several here in North Carolina. One thing I find really funny is that there are signs right before you enter the tunnel, saying, "Remove Sunglasses" & "Turn on Headlights". Doesn't just common sense tell you to do that when entering some dark crevice? :0----

We made it to Kansas City just in time for noon rush hour traffic and then St. Louis in time for 5 pm rush hour traffic. Great timing, I know, but at the time we leave in the morning, that's about where we end up traveling through those big cities.

Dad drove for most of the trip yesterday, but Jena and I drove for several hours as well. We made really good time, but it was a long day traveling. I enjoy the traveling, but 15-16 hours does make for quite a long day of it. We arrived at our hotel room about 11 pm last night, unpacked the van, did a quick check of all my email accounts and then to bed by 12.

This morning, we left Nashville at 8 am and probably as of now (12:45pm) have another 2 hours to go. Driving (when you are not the actual one driving) really does provide some valuable time to get some things done, especially when there's hours and hours of it.

Jena and I worked on our camp photo presentation for church and have most of the pictures picked out and script written. Since I wasn't able to get online yesterday (wrong connection setting), I didn't get those online things on my to-do list done, but did work on some other computer work.

-----WOW!!! A message just popped up on my screen saying "Wireless Network Connected. Free Public WIFI Internet." Even though I'm hooked up through my phone, I still picked up that connection. It's a weak signal, but it's there.-----

Since I'm online this morning or afternoon, I guess I should say now, I need to get some website issues taken care of, so that's what I'm signing off to do...:)

But first a few photos from yesterday....

Jena's favorite spot is in the backseat when we travel.
Dad drives and I get the front seat.

Jena taking a turn at driving...ummmm...scary
is the word that comes to mind. Trust me, I know.
I'm in the backseat being knocked around! :)

Dad, with his feet propped up on the front dash,
keeping an eye on Jena driving. ;)

Since Jena was driving, I had access to two computers,
so I put Jena's on the seat beside me, playing the
Andy Griffith Show (The Pickle Story - an all time favorite!).
Then I could still work on mine. :)

Perfect!!! Until Jena makes a sharp turn and my
backseat tech area gets jolted around a bit! :)

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