Wings As Eagles: Krissa's in Alabama!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Krissa's in Alabama!

Krissa left with Clare on Wednesday, traveling to Alabama. Clare flew to Kansas this past weekend and spent the last few days with Krissa, helping her get packed and ready to go. It was so fun having Clare here and getting to know her more!

Krissa's car was loaded up with all her stuff when they left before 7 am, but at least the apartment she is living in with another girl is furnished. So furniture, kitchen supplies and such she won't need to get.

She starts her new job at Southern Accents on Monday, so she'll have a couple of days to settle in and figure out where Wal-Mart and a couple other places are. Her apartment is about 20-30 minutes away from where she is working, which doesn't seem to be too bad since she's in such a huge city as Birmingham. :)

They made the trip ok and were able to find out where her apartment is located without any trouble. Although when Krissa called me at 11:30 last night (she is supposed to call Jen or I when she got there since it was so late instead of Dad, cause you know who was sound asleep by that time!), she said they felt like robbers breaking in!

It was dark, 11:30 at night and they are hunting around for the key that was left outside the door so they could get it. Her roommate if on vacation until the middle of July, so she wasn't there when they got there last night. Then she said they had to climb over a fence or patio, which really made them feel like they were breaking in!

But she loves her apartment!! She is so excited about the walk-in closet that she has in her room!! I would be too!! would be nice to have one in my room!! (You think just maybe that my Dad will be reading this and perhaps get the hint that he could build a walk-in closet in my room?!?! Ummm....probably not!) She said there is everything in the apartment that she would need, even sheets on the bed!

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