Wings As Eagles: I know, it's been a little while....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I know, it's been a little while....

....since I've written anything here and no, it's not a lack of things going's the fact that there's not been enough time in the last 10 days to actually finish a single post!

For some reason everything came all at one time, even though I was planning otherwise (like that's a surprise!). Last week we moved Jena to OK City (pics to come!), followed by several things I had to have completed and ready for a Vacation Bible School meeting (oh....I've got fun pics on that too!).

Then I had to finish up some camp memory work and lessons (I know, it's not here til July, but I had to get stuff in early for the staff books). And then in and amongst those things, I was trying to finish my spring cleaning, plus I spent one day at Grandma's washing her windows. So much for getting my spring cleaning done by the's still not complete.

After finishing several sewing projects for customers and time spent hunting down fabric for several future projects for customers, I finally was able to stitch a design on a quilt block I needed to do last night. And what do you know - I stitched it in the wrong color. Not because I threaded the wrong color, but merely because the colors were not grouped correctly.

I gave up.

I want to bed.

Today has started off to be much better.

Sometime, I think the issue is that I set unrealistic goals.

And now that Scamper has quit jumping up onto my lap and on my keyboard - btw, I already deleted her keystrokes in this post - I can finally "Publish"!

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