Wings As Eagles: Believe me, THAT is 3,000 people!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Believe me, THAT is 3,000 people!

Since Esther is our theme for camp this year, I had to come up with something relating to the story for our memory verse theme and goal. Keeping in mind that Esther saved the Jewish people, including herself from Haman's decree of death, I decided that our goal should be to save the Jewish people.

When we start the week, all the Jewish people will be under Haman's Decree of Death. And with each verse the kids memorize, they will be able to write their name on a person and put that person under Esther's Plan for Freedom.

At the time that I came up with this idea, I didn't really take into consideration that it would mean lots and lots of people cutouts. Each of the kids could say up to a total of 42 verses; the majority will probably memorize 12-18. So if you multiply 15 verses times 100 kids times 2 weeks, that equals 3,000. There will be some who memorize more and others who will only do one or two, but to average it all out, I decided I needed 3,000 people.

And 3,000 people I have cut. Stacked. Finished. :)

In addition to saving the Jews, the kids will also be able to earn prizes for the verses they memorize.

And for the one who says the most verses during the week - the grand prize of a silver jeweled box with something extra special inside!

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  1. Ugh!! You cut all those yourself? That's a LOT of little Jewish gingerbread men! :-)

    I have such fond memories of Vacation Bible School, but I don't ever remember such a beautiful jeweled box! That will be a wonderful motivation to your students! I still have the gift Bible I won for memorizing a long Psalm during Vacation Bible School, many years ago!


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