Wings As Eagles: CEF Camp 2009 Week 1

Sunday, July 19, 2009

CEF Camp 2009 Week 1

What a week of camp! I always love week 1 as it always seems to be cooler and not quite as hectic as week 2. This week we had 106 campers and surprisingly enough, the week went rather well with that many kids. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to get in and out of the dinning room for meals. Sure, it was crowded, but not as bad as I was expecting.

I taught the youngest group of kids - the 1st-3rd graders and they were so sweet! There were several I could have packed up and taken home with me! Jenna (activities director), Ruth (another Bible teacher) and myself roomed together which was loads of fun. Plus we were able to spend time together during the day, telling each other how old we are getting.

Seriously, Jenna and I have been coming to camp since we both started counseling more than 10 years ago. So we've seen so many kids grow up and so forth. And then this year for Ruth it finally dawned on her just how many years she's been coming (she's not quite as old as Jenna and I as we came to this realization several years ago! ;). Needless to say that was our topic of conversation for much of the week. And also saying, "Do you remember when..." or "Remember that year..." Ahhh....too many good memories!!

This was the first year that I've attended camp without one of my sisters. And I can honestly say that I didn't miss them; although don't tell them that! ;) Much to Jena's dismay, camp continued just fine without her in attendance. LOL!!!

All in all I took over 800 photos during the week. While I'm able to take the majority of them, I still had to enlist the help of others (Jenna - thank you soooo much!) for Bible lesson, quiz time, canteen and sing time where I'm involved and can't be snapping pics.

Here's a few from the week and you can see more here.

Here's what our wall looked like
Monday afternoon after we had saved
a few Jews from Haman's decree.

By Friday we had saved 503 Jewish people
(therefore memorized 503 verses)!

Clara and I after Sing Time!
Just look at her cute flipflops she made!

Luke had quite a fun time with ice cream!

Clara, Ruth, me, Luke
What fun we had during the week!

My Bible class in the gym - I had 27 kids!

I love this pic of Jenna doing activities
with the kids - she's having so much fun!

Peter Hall - such a cutie and can you imagine
being the only boy with 7 older sisters?!?!

Clara was sooo sweet and in my Bible class.

Anne was able to come to camp this
year as a camper which she loved!

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