Wings As Eagles: Wonderful, Wacky, Wild Weekend (Ok, not too wild or wacky, but certainly wonderful!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wonderful, Wacky, Wild Weekend (Ok, not too wild or wacky, but certainly wonderful!)

Ahhh....what could be better than a weekend spent with everyone home?! I've been totally excited (Dad has as well!) about Jena and Krissa coming home for a few days!

It all started with Jena driving home from OK City Thursday night. She worked Thursday, texted me during the day saying she might drive home after work. Uh, yeah. Work 12 hours, drive home to her apartment and then drive home to Kansas which is 5 hours?! Sure.

That's exactly what she did! She called around 9:30, said she was leaving and to leave the door unlocked and she would be home around 3:00. Thankfully she made it safely and about 3:15, I heard her come downstairs.

Krissa and one of her friends drove from Kentucky on Friday. They left at 4 am that morning and by the time they got here around 8:00 that evening, they were exhausted from the 15 hour drive! Such a long drive, but Krissa said they were about two hours from being here and she was itching to be back home!

It's been a while since all three of us have been together and we tend to get a little crazy when we are sleep deprived, exhausted and just excited about chatting and being together. We did a fairly good job at not being overly wacky this weekend, except for one exception.

Friday night, we spent a couple hours piled on the bed chatting and finally decided we better go to bed considering that we were cracking up with laughter at every single little thing that wasn't even funny. Laughing so hard to the crying point; you know, the uncontrollable laughs and giggles which make your eyes water and stomach hurt!

Ahhh.....good times! Fun memories! Moments to treasure! Nothing can take that away! :)

We spent the weekend talking, laughing, watching movies (yep, Andy Griffith Show included - a good funny Barney one!!), church Sunday morning, playing cards, watching football and catching up on all the news from Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma!

And now, today, everyone is gone. Back home. Back to work. Back to a quiet house. And together again - sometime soon!

Krissa and I

Typical "Kris talking on the phone" pic

Of course, the weekend included computer time! :)

Jena was trying to duck from this photo, but I managed to catch her with my camera - love this pic! Krissa brought home one of Kentucky's famous carbonated beverages - Ale-8, which are packaged in glass bottles.

We sit around with computers in our laps and Dad just flips open the newspaper! ;)


  1. So what'dya think of Ale-8?! :)


  2. It tastes great! Probably wouldn't replace the Dt. Mt. Dew I drink, but it's not something I dislike.


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