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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hmmm...the last few weeks!

What happened to the last few weeks?! That, I'm not quite sure I have an answer to. As I looked at my last blog post, I could hardly believe it was early December. That seems quite a while ago! Here's a quick recap!

- Bernina 830! - Recently I purchased a new sewing/embroidery machine which I am totally loving!!! It has been a bit of a challenge learning all the new features and threading techniques (don't ask me why I had bandages on two fingers for a couple of days....! :)). I took a couple days off from work and just spent that time becoming familiar with my new 830. Ahhh...I just love it. And thankfully when I'm in doubt about something, Joanna is just a phone call or email away. :)

- Sewing projects! - Yes, I had some of those. Actually I've had quite a fun time stitching several things for Christmas this year with my new machine. But as usually seems to happen, I had a couple projects where I was on a Christmas deadline to complete. The final one, an embroidered memory cactus quilt, was finally complete on Christmas Eve. And yes, I have photos of my projects from this month and hopefully will upload them to my website and embroidery blog in January.

- Ryan & Krissa -
As it turned out, Ryan and Krissa decided not to come home for Christmas for several reasons, so I boxed up a rather large box to send to them. Ahhhh...was that fun! I get the greatest joy out of decorating a box to be mailed or putting fun things inside for the recipient to open. I spent wayyyy tooooo much time one night printing labels to put on all the items I sent, but it was great fun! And as they opened the box and the toilet paper flew out, I can just imagine the surprise on their faces! How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall! :)

Here's a pic of what I sent:

My favorite has to be the Joy dish-washing soap! :)

- Jena - Dad and I were by ourselves Christmas day since Jena had to work, Krissa and Ryan weren't home and we were getting together for Christmas at Grandma's on Saturday. As it turns out, Jena had a Christmas to remember...spent at the hospital! Christmas Eve day, Oklahoma City was pounded with 14" inches of snow and blizzard conditions that closed all roads coming and going everywhere.

Since the day nurses on duty couldn't leave (the hospital declared a disaster) and the night nurses couldn't get into work, the nurses who had already worked a 12 hour shift were left to continue on into the night. She did manage to get a quick break, but ended up being at the hospital for 36 hours and working almost all that time before she could go home to her apartment. She was never so ready to sleep in her own bed!

- Christmas! - Saturday evening we went to Grandma's and spent the evening with all of Mom's family from around here. Jena did make it home to Kansas that afternoon and it was fun to get together at Grandma's again! Especially since we had Grandma's pickles for dinner! Ahhhh...that would be worth just about anything! :)

Jen and I spent the weekend watching the Christmas Shoes, chatting, laughing, facebooking Krissa, remembering fun times and eating white trash candy mix. (If you haven't ever tried that stuff, you should! It's the new candy I made this year!) The only thing we missed was our annual pitch game since there were only three of us around. No hilarious, funny videos this year! :)

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