Wings As Eagles: Stuck in the mud

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stuck in the mud

For some reason all the cows have decided to have their calves at once; there's been several days where we've had 2-4 a day. And of course right now, there's snow, cold and mud in abundance!

Saturday when Dad came in for lunch, he wanted me to go out with him and get this calf that was stuck in the mud. Yep, that's right - stuck in the mud. Apparently the cow had her calf that morning out in the field and because of all the mud, couldn't get up. The poor thing was cold, hungry and soaking wet!

So Dad loaded the calf onto the back of the pickup to take back to the barn, hoping that the cow would follow as we drove toward home., that didn't happen. We got the calf in the barn, but the cow didn't get the idea to follow us.

Many hours later Dad finally was able to get her into the barn with her calf. And now, Dad has the field gates shut so the cows will stay out of that muddy place!

Dad was telling me where to drive so I wouldn't get stuck. I don't think I've ever driven in such a soggy, muddy, wet field!

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