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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring cleaning update

Where in the world did the month of February go to?!?!?! January just ended and then all of a sudden it's March! February is such a short month! Of course, the fact that I was gone for a week and was doing a million other things didn't help to lengthen it. :)

So much for my deep cleaning a room or two a month; that just didn't happen in February. But the good thing - I made up for it this month! :)

Last week I tackled Dad's room, his bathroom, the main bathroom and hallway! Quite a day's work, but at least that end of the house is complete. The only thing that is slightly driving me nuts is the fact that I can't fully clean the windows inside and out as I normally do...mainly's still winter.

And fully opening the windows, standing on a ladder outside, hosing down the window, drenching my hands in a bucket of cold water and spraying Windex just is not really conducive to winter-time temps. Not only for the fact that there are NO garden hoses outside at this time of year, but have you ever seen Windex icicles?? Me neither; and I don't plan to find out what they look like either!

You know, that's probably why they call this deep cleaning thing.....spring cleaning. Just a thought. ;)

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