Wings As Eagles: Ryan & Krissa - THE wedding of the year!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ryan & Krissa - THE wedding of the year!!!

We had a blast being in Kentucky for the week of Ryan and Krissa's wedding! Lots to do! Lots of work! But ohhh, soooo much fun!!! And such a beautiful wedding!!! All six of us bridesmaids plus Krissa spent a week full of laughs, fun times and memories that we'll never forget! And that was all before the wedding day!

I came home with over 1600 photos on my camera and it's been sooooo much fun to remember the memories from that week!

Here's a few pics from rehearsal with more here.....

Krissa & Dad!!

Claire (Krissa's friend from BJU) & Jena!!

How neat is that????

Three sisters & three brothers!!!

Our family!!!



And the most hilarious table of the night?? Ours, of course!!! :)

And here's a few pics from the wedding with more here.....

Krissa's PINK shoes!!!

6 bridesmaids plus the bride!!


We had a blast together all week!!!

Ahhhh.....yes!!! The shoes!!!

Ok, so by Friday night, we were a little crazy!!! :)

Caroline, Jena and I!!!!
Two of the sisters!!!!

Ryan & Krissa!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Finch!!!! :)

Wonderful Dad!!!!

More bridesmaid fun!!!

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