Wings As Eagles: What a month it's been!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What a month it's been!

Yes, it's so true! What a month is has been! July proved to be just as exciting, wonderful, full and exhausting as I expected, but what a great month!! In some ways this month has flown by so fast and in others, it seems like it's lasted forever.

Let's all started when I went to Colorado Spring for the 4th of July weekend to spend with Luke. Then a few days after that I left for the first week of camp. Then the second week of camp. Then a week of VBS at church.

And now? Catching up on everything I didn't get done in the last month! Including blogging. And finally able to start making wedding plans, which I'm extremely excited about!!

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  1. Oh, yes, we had a lot of fun in the parade on Saturday! =) It was kinda hot...but still fun! =0)
    I hope you are able to get everything caught up that you need to!
    Have fun wedding planning...when is the wedding?


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